Work Experience
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Training Academy
The Changes We Are
Making Today...
Will Reflect on
a Better Tomorrow!
Cursuri de
limbi straine
Maintain Optimism
and Perspective
Knowledge is Power!
Learn from Yesterday
Live for Today
Hope for Tomorrow
Embrace Change
and Improvement
Learn Everything You Can,
Anytime You Can,
from Anyone You Can
There will Always come
a Time when You'll be
Grateful You did
Succes is a journey... not a destination
WE put matters into
better perspective
The power is inside of you
Never too late to learn!
Is not the hours you put
in your works
that counts
it's the work you put
in the hours
Talk the Talk
Walk the Walk
Not knowing
is bad
Not willing to know...
is worse
We understand
what you want
and give you back
exactly what you need
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Work Experience Training Academy is a unique project, based on a broad concept that welcomes the continuously changing requests of the Human Resources and Professional Development Sector and brings along Work Experience company's success and reputation, joining with pride and confidence the wide range of professional services that our Mother Company has been providing ever since its foundation.
The persons who have made this project come to life, have incorporated in its basic structure Work Experience's Social Principles and Professional Values. They are professionals who have combined their efforts with passion for work and have added a touch of color to their own careers by Elaborate Study, Integrity, Competence and Team Spirit.  
Manifesting leadership skills and influence in the operational field, and endowed with a sense of development, they decided to take a step forward towards transferring interpersonal data, by Specialized Training for different career levels, having in mind both students and partner companies needs.

Our Mother Company, Work Experience offers Workforce Solutions for a variety of industries with temporary or permanent contracts, Staff Leasing, Staff Detachment, Business and Career Consultancy, etc.

Throughout the years we learned that most of the companies do not have enough time, or financial and organizational resources to implement and develop a successful strategy in the operational and administrative departments. This is why we founded Work Experience Training Academy (WETA) as we feel this segment of the market has its gaps and so we have partnered with Work Experience to ensure sustainable consultancy and development and we are ready to provide needed services to prepare future employees matching every company’s requests and expectations. By doing that, we offer the candidates the opportunity to acquire the ideologies and the required practice which will lead to the companies’ objectives to be fulfilled and eventually the extension and development of the companies.
First of all, this aspect requires a precise understanding of both parties involved (Employer – Employee), creating and keeping relationships based on mutual trust which will ensure a mediation and Training process as much transparent and efficient as possible.
Previous to bringing the optimal solution for the two beneficiaries of our services, we analyze carefully the needs of both sides, their goals on short, medium and long term, preferred work environment and employees personality that would give the best performance in the environment proposed by the employer.
We are closer to our customers using these methods and therefore we want to achieve optimal results through every step of the Training and Professional Development process which is too part of the recruitment and placement process.

WETA is aware that all activities of the company should be objective and impartial. This means that there are not and should not be any conflicts of interest, and if they do occur, will be resolved so as not to affect the way of progress and results of our services.