Work Experience
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Training Academy
The Changes We Are
Making Today...
Will Reflect on
a Better Tomorrow!
Cursuri de
limbi straine
Maintain Optimism
and Perspective
Knowledge is Power!
Learn from Yesterday
Live for Today
Hope for Tomorrow
Embrace Change
and Improvement
Learn Everything You Can,
Anytime You Can,
from Anyone You Can
There will Always come
a Time when You'll be
Grateful You did
Succes is a journey... not a destination
WE put matters into
better perspective
The power is inside of you
Never too late to learn!
Is not the hours you put
in your works
that counts
it's the work you put
in the hours
Talk the Talk
Walk the Walk
Not knowing
is bad
Not willing to know...
is worse
We understand
what you want
and give you back
exactly what you need
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In short, through our programs, we offer Educational Resources and Specialized Training, which is one of our ways to help Trainees to grow and develop their career, which certainly will have a positive impact on their personal life too and will contribute at the stability and development of their future Companies.

Learn Smart...what YOU Need....When You Need it......and most important; After all the Trainings....Get the Job You Need

Work Experience Training Academy provides a wide range of Training Courses with actionable knowledge, skills, techniques and strategies that you can use to improve and grow your career,    (or business, if you are a company and use our services) beyond anything you ever expected.

Our training programs covers professional behavior, networking, business skills, soft and advanced technical skills, administrative and operational field skills, etc.
Depending on the needs of the participants, (Companies) we can easily tailor the program to discuss different topics. (i.e.) International Etiquette, Working with a culturally diverse group, Product Knowledge, Company Profile, etc.
Unlike some other training seminars or workshops, here at WETA the style is Relaxed and Fun.
WETA creats a safe and enthusiastic setting which inspires self confidence and easy learning in order to graduate students with an appreciation of safe practices, effective techniques and high standards of professional ethics.
It is our intention to train and graduate students prepared to practice their professions with competence, confidence and enthusiasm.

Easy acces, Flexible, Efficient, Resourcefull and Rewarding.
All of these
are benefits working for you.