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Training Academy
The Changes We Are
Making Today...
Will Reflect on
a Better Tomorrow!
Cursuri de
limbi straine
Maintain Optimism
and Perspective
Knowledge is Power!
Learn from Yesterday
Live for Today
Hope for Tomorrow
Embrace Change
and Improvement
Learn Everything You Can,
Anytime You Can,
from Anyone You Can
There will Always come
a Time when You'll be
Grateful You did
Succes is a journey... not a destination
WE put matters into
better perspective
The power is inside of you
Never too late to learn!
Is not the hours you put
in your works
that counts
it's the work you put
in the hours
Talk the Talk
Walk the Walk
Not knowing
is bad
Not willing to know...
is worse
We understand
what you want
and give you back
exactly what you need
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WELCOME .....herewith you'll find some useful information about this 'CRUISE SHIP TRAINING'
This is a Familiarization Training Course 
about Work & Life Onboard Cruise Ships, regardless is a Ocean Liner, a River Ship or an Yacht.
This course is designed for those who intend to built a career in this industry and it works well too for those who are not yet sure wether they want to take this step or not.

The course will provide a wide view about what the CRUISE INDUSTRY is, and contains large amount of important and necessary information, both from 'inside and outside' .

Will be reviewed:

  1. Working & Social Environment
  2. Importance of Safety and Security at Sea
  3. Hygiene & Environment Responsibilities
  4. Technical aspects of the Job in Various Departments
  5. Company Policies / Rules & Regulations 
  6. Departmental Structure / Management -Administration & Operational System
  7. Additional and very important key elements ( Needs, Values, Attitudes, Norms) which will certainly help you Understand and Decide,if and when you are ready to take this step towards this new and exciting adventure 'to Work on a Cruise Ship'

Targeted group / anyone who is interested on starting or continuing a career at sea on a great hospitality environment.

Where ?  - Work Experience Training Academy

  • Location – Bucharest – see contact section
  • Environment – training class
  • How many in a class? – minimum 7 – Maximum 20
  • How long does it take ? – 10 days – 2.5 H per day
  • Teaching method – training class, 1 trainer, interactive course, Writing, verbal info, printed materials, media materials
  • Training equipment – writing board - flipchart - Beammer - laptop - F&B equipment - 
  • What will I learn? - see above points 1 to 7 
  • When will I apply what I have learned ? - From the moment you start your journey 
  • Trainee profile /
  • Age - Min. 19 - Max. 45
  • Gender - Any
  • Religion - Any
  • Professional status - preferable from Hospitality schools field 
  • Work experience - Any - preferable from Hospitality background
  • Requierments - career oriented , open minded, self suficient , adaptable, fast learner, able to speak and understand English language.
  • Medically Fit - Clear Criminal Record

Work Experience and our Partners wishes you best of Luck !